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Funny Prom Prank Calls

Posted on 26 January 2014 by Satyendra Mishra

Prom parties are just awesome with young bunch of people wearing colorful dresses and dancing to the cool tunes. Have you ever wondered that you can generate a few funny instances centering some ideas on prom parties? If not, you should check this out. Here we will let you know about a few funny ideas of prom prank calls. Yes, you have read it correct. I assure you that these ideas will be great fun. Check them out:

Idea 1:

Are you a young lady and want to make a guy confuse over the phone? Its simple. Just call up the number and say ‘hello’ and ‘how are you’ formally. He will reciprocate to this for sure and then ask you about why are you calling. Tell him that you want to go to a prom and want him to be her date. This will immediately stump that guy. But make sure that you keep that guy engaged over the phone with your silly conversation to increase the fun, just like this girl named Mary. Check the link below:

Idea 2:

Conversational prom prank call. This idea is a bit different because it may not work if you call up a stranger. It could be perfect if you and your boyfriend decide to have some prom fun over the phone. Did you asked how? Okay call up your boyfriend and say hi how are you? He will say I am good and ask you the same question that you will answer with ‘boring.’ Then ask him about going to a prom and dance with her. He too will keep the conversation engaging and suddenly you tell to leave her off by accusing of seeing at other girls while dancing. Check this out

Idea 3:

Call up a friend who is at a prom party but don’t let him guess who you are. How would you do that? Well, there lies the trick. Call up and make your voice sound terribly disturb by breaking down into tears in every three seconds. Reason? Call him and when he says ‘Hello’ then you say Hi McKay. He will respond with ‘Yeah’ then say I just broke up with my boyfriend and I need someone to talk to.” If he still don’t recognize you, it will be more fun. Just keep saying “I can’t believe that you don’t know who I am.” It would be great way to spoil that guys prom party, but in a funny way.

Idea 4:

Calling up a hooker and ask her to a prom party. You get the numbers of escort agencies so arranging a number won’t be a problem. Grab a number and call up. The lady will respond and inform about the charges per hour and then tell her that you want to take her to a prom party as a date. There she has to show some antiques so that you can be the prom king that night. Just like this video

Try out these ideas and have fun.

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Funny Desi Guy Prank Calls

Posted on 25 January 2014 by Satyendra Mishra

Making prank calls is funny and if you are searching for some good ideas then you are at the right place. You can apply any of these desi guy prank call idea on your friend or anyone, but make sure you don’t cause harm to that person. Just have fun!

Idea 1:

How about calling a cab driver and tell him that his ordered food is ready to be picked up? This can be hilarious and you can me the person on the other side really mad on you. Just take a look at this example where a desi Punjabi guy is calling to a cabbie named Mustaq in New York. The conversation starts off like “Hello! I am calling from Kabab Kings restaurant and your order for 6 Paya is ready.” No wonder, Mustaq goes mad. Check this video

Idea 2:

A guy calling a girl from a tuition center. If you to have great fun while speaking with a girl who is in high school, then this idea can be hilarious. Make sure you have a terrible accent that itself is funny while calling the girl. The best thing would be asking that girl about providing English tuition and wait for her response. Either she will go mad or if has a sense of humor she will continue. Check out the following link

Idea 3:

Calling a man and informing about a lottery win, but with a bizarre condition. Try to intonate your voice like a lady (as much possible) and call up the number. When the guy picks up your phone, go ahead saying “hello” in different ways pretending there is a problem in the connection. Finally, say that “you have $50,000 as your are selected as the lucky winner.” Then tell him that to get the money he should give you a kiss over the phone. That would be too funny just like the following

Idea 4:

Calling up and informing about probable natural calamity. Make a prank call and tell that you are calling from a government office to inform that a major calamity is expected to strike soon. You want to know whether the person you have called has enough lights, candles and food to meet the crisis. When the guy starts to believe you ask him if you can come to his house and stay for a night as your house is too weak and will blow up by the disaster. Check the following link, its too funny


Idea 5:

Making prank call to the mother of a girl as the boyfriend. Dial the number of a lady who is mother of a young girl. When she picks up the phone, greet her formally and when she asks who you are, tell her that you are her daughter’s boyfriend. Enjoy the conversation further.

Try to make these calls funny and stretch as much as possible to increase the fun factor. Do let us know if you have any other interesting ideas.

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Funny Italian Guy Prank Calls

Posted on 23 January 2014 by Satyendra Mishra

Making prank calls are good as long as they are not intended to harm anybody. The number of prank callers is on the rise and these people lookout for interesting ideas. Have you ever wondered how funny it would be if an Italian guy makes a call to an English speaking person? Here you will get few such interesting and witty ideas.

Idea 1:

A guy calls a burger store and with Italian accent and wants to talk to somebody who can speak Italian. However, if you plan to do this prank, you should have a grasp over Italian accent to continue the fun without getting caught. It goes like a video that we are attaching below. A guy named Di Angelo calls up a burger store as wants to place an order for a cheese burger. The lady on the other side politely asks for the order and he says, “I would like to order a burg-gras.” Obviously, the lady struggles to understand and then guy says he knows a little English and it would be good if she transfer the call to someone who speaks Italian. The lady does that and transfers the call to a man and then the conversation follows again. Mr. Di Angelo says to that guy that if there is anyone who can speak Spanish. This is not all, he also says that he likes to speak with US people and asks for his Skipe ID so that they can talk. This definitely makes the burger center guy confused.

Idea 2:

Speaking fake Brooklyn Italian. Now here’s a guy who knows how people over there speaks, how they pronounce and how they don’t pronounce. Calling up somebody with that fake accent is a great fun. Check out this idea. The guy calls a meat shop and asks s about the availability of few types of meat. He goes on asking about few names, which the person on the other side does not understand properly. The funny thing is that he keeps on saying about different types in that Italian accent without giving much time to respond, making the meat-shop caller up on his toes. This prank will work if you have good grasp over the Italian accent and you know about the type of meat varieties. Check the video here.

Idea 3:

Speak only Italian to an English speaker. This could be sarcastic and great fun when the person on the other side has no option but to listen you out. Suppose you are calling a service center and go off immediately with something heavy Italian. Obviously, the service representative would have no clue on what you are saying, but he/she cannot hang up the phone as well. Here goes a video that will describe the idea.

Idea 4:

Jewish girl having Italian boyfriend. Suppose you are a Jewish girl and you can make your parents pissed off by saying that you love an Italian guy. The funniest thing would be getting one of your friends who speak Italian and making a prank call to your parents. You can also call up your parents first and inform about this to check their reaction and then fit an Italian speaking guy for the prank call.

These sounds funny? Of course they are. Try out a few and have a blast!

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Funny Chinese guy prank calls

Posted on 19 January 2014 by Satyendra Mishra

After the phone became a normal household thing in the early 20th century, I doubt anybody in fact recognized the comedic potential that this thing had. The development of the phone caught people off guard as Prince Harry’s naked pictures and Gangnam Style. The world basically was not prepared to exploit the power of this novel device. It was merely just a tool to be utilized to get in touch with emergency services, to request for crappy products, or plan a lunch date with that other person as wealthy as you. However it could not remain like this eternally, what happened after people unintentionally called the wrong number? Either an awkward discussion would happen or immediately the dialer recognized they had the incorrect number they would hang up.  After that came the pranksters, the people who flourish off making others look dim-witted.

Let us fast forward to here and at this moment. Prank calling has turn out to be, indisputably, one of the most entertaining things to carry out on a random night. Using PCs to disguise your cell phone number, adjust your voice, and imitate celebrities has made prank calling not simply uncomplicated however insanely very funny. After that to add some icing to the cake, prank calls can nowadays be shared online. No one does it better than the prank callers of this age group. Let us take a look at the funniest Chinese guy prank calls ever!

Idea #1 Hilarious Chinese Restaurant Prank

OwnagePranks is most likely the finest prank caller in the record of mankind. No overstatement. This guy remains calm and composed throughout each of his very funny calls, regardless of the fact that he is making use of sound effects, by means of stereotypical voices, and calling real businesses. What he manages to accomplish is present an insanely idealistic state to the individual on the other end in a way in which they consider it is factual. He after that goes further to keep them on the telephone for as long as possible, time and again resulting in very funny calls up to ten minutes long!

In this video, OwnagePranks calls a neighborhood Chinese restaurant in a very funny voice and starts one of the most unforgettable prank calls historically. Take a look.

Idea #2

Call a Chinese restaurant and request for some indiscriminate person and after that hang up as soon as you are told you have the erroneous number. Call back later on with a masked accent, and state you are [add name used before] and inquire if there are any messages for you.


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Funny black guy prank calls

Posted on 16 January 2014 by Satyendra Mishra

If you are bored to death and would like to irritate a friend, a stranger, or even a business proprietor, in that case making a prank call might be just the activity you are in search of. Provided that you are conscious that making prank calls might get you in trouble with the police — and even get arrested, in a number of cases — and are ready to take the risk, you can make a prank call that annoys, baffles, or even downright enrages the individual at the other end of the line. Here are some funny black guy prank calls.

Enraged Black Man indiscriminately calls Females

A very angry Black Man is not in an extremely good mood, and chooses to take his fury and wrath out on some arbitrary females. Because of his aggressive and violent behavior, he responds by constantly making really violent threats counting sexual assault threats and death threats) which are greatly-laced with ghetto jargon, ebonics, sexual intimidation, and other swear words.

Irritated Old Lady, Harlem Homeboy and very angry Black Man call a Vulgar Company

An irritated Old Lady returns a telephone call to a company that becomes uncouth and as well mocks her. She puts her son, the Harlem Homeboy and enraged Black Man on the receiver to straighten them out.

Furious Black Man calls Himself

A furious Black Man calls himself, and the actual Irate Black Man offers the same kind of gangster warnings to a soundboard edition of his personal voice.

Emmit’s Uncle

A black guy gets in this woman’s ass in relation to her daughter disrespecting his house and his nephew.

Home Owners Association

A man has a few old vehicles and a boat in his front courtyard and someone calls posing as an associate of the home owners association insisting that he move the cars.

Bad Brakes

You call a man in Houston to inform him that the brake job he did on a woman’s Ford Explorer was awful. Tempers burst. The finest part is eavesdropping on his wife in the background attempting to prevent him from leaving the home.

Buried My Sneakers

Supposing you by mistake buried a loved one in a costly pair of sneakers. Would the funeral home excavate him up for you? Make a call to find out.

Let me speak to Tina

What would you do, if your partner’s ex-boyfriend from 15 years ago at last got out of prison and called your house trying to reawaken the romance of nearly 2 decades back?

Roll Back Odometer

This chap traded in his Ford Mustang hence you call him posing as one of the staff at the automobile dealership to report to him of “problems” with the vehicle.

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Funny Spanish restaurant prank calls

Posted on 15 January 2014 by Satyendra Mishra

Prank call ideas can vary from slightly funny to completely side splitting. Youngsters and Kids time and again boast a devilish side that advises them to make humorous prank calls to others and bother them at night. In spite of everything, they can be extremely infuriating, distressing and in fact stitch people up, particularly after you call them at a bad time. The funniest prank calls are those that will keep you giggling for days after that. Even though a number of people are innate at playing pranks, others need a few pointers. If you fall in the second group, do not fret. Read on for a few funny Spanish restaurant prank call ideas. Take pleasure in your calls and have a good time!

Idea #1

You will time and again find a number of Spanish restaurants having small boxes, where you fill up a form for an opportunity to win something. In case people well-known to you have as well filled it up, call them up and tell them that they have won the award. Request them to collect the prize personally and provide a location far-off, at an abnormal time.

Idea #2

Call a Spanish restaurant and murmur below your breath “There is a bomb under your seat.” loud adequate for them to take notice of it however not deafening enough for them to know it. After that they will pose something like say again the order, you state in a normal voice, “I whispered sauce with meat.”

Idea #3

You can call and be adamant like somebody called you from the restaurant. It is in actual fact humorous!

Idea #4

Call a Spanish restaurant and start to mimic the individual you are placing the prank call on and say again everything that he or she states. This is the finest idea for a good prank call that you can make use of if they shout, hello, say again the same, if they shout, are you crazy, you do the same. This is one funny prank call idea that you can take advantage of.

Idea #5

An additional excellent prank is to call a Spanish restaurant and request for some junk food; in addition propose that they ought to have that on their list of options. One other prank call can be to act as if you are a TV host and giving away stacks of dollars for a simple involvement. Behind all these calls you ought to prepare yourselves with an appropriate plan and after that make a call.

Control yourself by not crossing the line and you are secure and content and as well create enjoyment for the receiver. Then again, intimidating and nuisance calls fall into the other class. It might be for a cause of vengeance or to frighten the receiver. If a case is filed against the prankster it might land him/her in jail.

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Funny Chinese restaurant prank calls

Posted on 14 January 2014 by Satyendra Mishra

With all due reverence to our Asian friends, you will learn how to prank call a Chinese eating place today. No wrongdoing is planned towards those of Oriental descent. You will be prank calling taco stands and pizza joints in the future also. However today friends, today’s topic are how to prank call a Chinese restaurant, and for that you will require three things;

A phone – You cannot prank call a Chinese restaurant, or whichever restaurant for that matter, with no handset.

A pile of Chinese restaurant list of options – You will require this for phone numbers and to assist get material thoughts from the recorded menu things. You will desire more than one since if you make contact with “victims” who hang up suddenly and do not play along, it is simply no excitement. Go on to the next.

The capability to maintain a straight face – Not that anybody will in fact make out your face over the telephone, however if you break down in frantic laughter whilst attempting to prank call a Chinese restaurant you will lose out on lengthening your chat.

Now that the basics of how to prank a Chinese restaurant are off the beaten track, on to the amusing things…the pranks!

Calling an eating place and messing with the individual who answers the call for an order is certainly invaluable. A good number of people have attempted this, and made it. Here, a prankster calls a Chinese restaurant and places an order for American junk food.

Menu Inquiry – request them what is on their list of options or what the everyday special is. After that order a burrito, Fettucini Alfredo, or gyro.

The Serenade – after they answer the telephone simply play the melody “chopsticks” into the headset.

Cookie Exchange – Call and inform them that the information in your luck cookies has shown to be erroneous. You might include that your acquisition of the said cookie comprises a binding agreement and you demand contentment.

You might also call up one Chinese restaurant and make a false order after that place them on hold by stating “hold on one of my pals would like to append to the order, could you say it back again to him in a second?” then after one is on hold call another Chinese restaurant (if possible the same given name) and inquire if you can make and order, and after that state “hold on allow my pal make the order”. Place the two places jointly through 3-way calling and inform the first place to say again the order back to the second restaurant.

It might not work if number 1 drops the call, however if it does take pleasure in laughing at their bewilderment.

These are just some basic and stupid ideas for you to use. Once you prank call a Chinese restaurant you will desire to add your personal sense of humor and intelligence to make these pranks actually crack you up.

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Funny McDonald’s prank calls

Posted on 13 January 2014 by Satyendra Mishra

Messing around with McDonald’s workers might be entertaining for you; however, depending on what sort of day the worker has been having, you run the threat of winding up with foreign objects in your food!

Here is a simple one to accomplish:

You state,” Can I have a jumbo pizza with the works”. Once they respond puzzled, you after that say,” well what sort of a restaurant are you; simply get a dog gone steam roller and squash the burger out. After that, just get cheese and tomato juice. Next go select some leaves off a few plants for your wallah pizza and veggies. Good lord. Easy as that. Annoy customer service.” afterward add, “by chance do you prepare burritos?”

A different one you can carry out:

Act as if you work for Music Madness and make believe that McDonald’s had purchased 100 Benedict Eppelsheim Sopranissimo Saxophones and that they had not compensated a dime yet. Inform them that the Saxes are in the store and are set to be collected once the cash comes. When they say they would not need saxophones, you say that it’s not what it says here. You then tell them to call corporate office which could be a nearby Burger King address you give them. Remember, don’t rush too quickly. The first prank speaker could give it to another pranker who acts as if he’s manager.

Call McDonald’s and hence when they respond and state hello this is McDonald’s you respond in an extremely hushed voice hence they must push their ear to the handset. Each time you speak talk VERY silently. After that when you state “thank you goodbye” YELL IT AS DEAFENING AS YOU CAN!! They will still have their ear pushed to the handset and will get hard of hearing.

Human Thumb Prank:

An additional prank call would involve you saying you discovered a human thumb or something bizarre and disgusting in your food. Insist you get an additional free burger. Go on demanding and drive them mad.

You could also tell them that their mcburger made you heavy with child and you cannot prevent giving birth to tiny burgers. Ensure you creep them out.

One other one:

This is a classic. Calling a restaurant and messing with the person who picks up the call for an order is definitely priceless. Most of us have tried this, and succeeded. Here, the prankster calls McDonald’s and yells in a Chinese voice,” CHINESE DELIVERY”.

So, what did you guys think about these pranks? Don’t they sound like fun? Are you ready to try them on someone? Whenever you do make a prank call, just be careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings or go too far. Remember, these calls may be fun for you, but they can be disturbing for the receiver.

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Funny valentine day prank calls – you will love playing with your significant other

Posted on 09 January 2014 by Satyendra Mishra

It is fine to presume that a lot of you have made prank calls while young; to a neighbor, irritable store clerk/manager, an irritating classmate, or even a pal. Prank calls are rather common and honestly speaking, enjoyable (when executed in limit). With all the everyday jobs of life, somewhere down the line, that virtue of a kid gets lost. Hence why not get those days back on valentines, even for a minute, and live a bit. Here are some great valentine prank call ideas for you to try.


Idea #1

Call from “Pizza Hut.” Tell your receiver that you are “Jane” or “Bob” from Pizza Hut, and their credit card was rejected after making an order for valentines. Request them to come to the store to make additional payment arrangements. Once they dispute that they do not recognize what you are speaking about, get annoyed and say, “Hey, 10 deluxe combination pizzas were brought to your residence this morning, and you currently owe us $150 including tax.” Keep these going as long as you want, or until your receiver gets too annoyed.

Idea #2

Call from the Department of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Introduce yourself to the receiver as somebody from the Department of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and after that inquire from them if they are seeing any strange symptoms. After they complain or inquire “why,” tell them that an ex- sexual partner has been detected with the lethal Melman Virus, and all of his/her partners should be checked.

Idea #3

Call from the Immigration unit at your neighboring airstrip. For this one, you should call a man. Inform your prey that you work in the immigration unit at your adjoining major airport. Tell him that his new partner has landed from Bangkok, and inquire when he is intending to come pick her up.


Idea #4

Call from a very angry father. Once more, this call will simply work on a guy. Inform the man who picks the receiver that you are Mary Lou’s father, and now that she is pregnant, you would like to know when precisely he is intending on wedding the unfortunate, seduced young lady.

Idea #5

A seductive call can leave anybody stumped. The prankster employs a sexy voice and attempts to make the prankee edgy concerning a position he/she does not actually want to get into. Call and state, “Hey baby, it is me, Natasha. Last night was enjoyable!” The receiver responds “Uh, who? I do not know any Natasha.” And you respond “Oh come on, sweetheart. Do not do this to me. You know you want to see me for a second time.” The normal reaction would be “I’m going to hang up now.” And you say “But you have not even heard the best part.” And the other person says “Oh yeah? And what is that?” You say “I’m standing outside your door. Waiting for you.”

So, what did you think about these pranks? Don’t they seem like fun? Are you set to attempt them on somebody? Every time you do make a prank call, simply be cautious not to wound anybody’s feelings or go overboard. Keep in mind, these calls might be pleasurable for you, however, they can be distressing for the receiver.


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vale 1

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Funny valentine day pranks- that will definitely make your day

Posted on 08 January 2014 by Satyendra Mishra

vale 2

Simply because Valentine’s Day is intended to be about love does not imply it is any less ideal a time to take part in pranks. Here are some funny Valentine’s Day pranks.

If your dearest has an excellent sense of humor and adores flowers, how about buying a bouquet made up of spewing Roses? How about for a treasured one with a liking for balloons? An excellent prank to fool around with is to buy lots of balloons in all kinds of Valentine’s Day colors and shapes, after that fill your Valentine’s office, car, closet, doesn’t matter what with those balloons. You will want to place the balloons in a position that will blow your Valentine and continue to flow all over, hence try to get a closed place where your darling goes each day. Begin small, nevertheless; you may be astonished at how many inflatable’s it takes to fill up an area.

vale 1

One of the most excellent, very old hilarious Valentine’s Day pranks for your husband or boyfriend is to utilize a phony Home Pregnancy Test. The moment you have your phony test, set the scene through spending some extra minutes in the lavatory than you generally do. After that, ensure you “by accident” leave the test in a credible place where your darling is certain to notice it. Lastly, sit back and take pleasure in your neat work.

For the rejected or newly single friend with no Valentine, there are a lot of excellent pranks to take part in on Valentine’s Day to aid keep the hilarity going. Perhaps undertake the Bad Boyfriend Voodoo Doll, which is outstanding for expelling all those depressing memories. Perhaps have on a comical T-shirt like the Red Lingerie disguise, which is an excellent way to feel sexy although you are not getting sexier. An additional good plan is to change all the normal toilet paper in your pal’s house with the Funny Toilet Paper which has a Hearts design. It will assist wipe away you and your pal’s tears or problems!


If you work in a workplace you will most likely have seen or been part of a workplace prank. Once office employees get bored, they find a number of great practical pranks to play on their colleagues. There are the traditional pranks like coating your colleagues’ booth in Post-it notes or covering everything in their booth up with paper. Next there are, the more inventive ideas, for instance changing everything in your colleagues’ office with cardboard mock-ups.

A simple prank to pull in the place of work is the traditional cup prank. All you need to do is find yourself lots of plastic valentine cups or disposable paper after that pack them all with water and put the valentine cups all over your colleagues’ office desk and floor. It takes a little bit of time; however as soon as your pal comes in to their place of work they will wind up knocking lots of valentine cups over!!

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