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Funny Prom Prank Calls

Posted on 26 January 2014 by Satyendra Mishra

Prom parties are just awesome with young bunch of people wearing colorful dresses and dancing to the cool tunes. Have you ever wondered that you can generate a few funny instances centering some ideas on prom parties? If not, you should check this out. Here we will let you know about a few funny ideas of prom prank calls. Yes, you have read it correct. I assure you that these ideas will be great fun. Check them out:

Idea 1:

Are you a young lady and want to make a guy confuse over the phone? Its simple. Just call up the number and say ‘hello’ and ‘how are you’ formally. He will reciprocate to this for sure and then ask you about why are you calling. Tell him that you want to go to a prom and want him to be her date. This will immediately stump that guy. But make sure that you keep that guy engaged over the phone with your silly conversation to increase the fun, just like this girl named Mary. Check the link below:

Idea 2:

Conversational prom prank call. This idea is a bit different because it may not work if you call up a stranger. It could be perfect if you and your boyfriend decide to have some prom fun over the phone. Did you asked how? Okay call up your boyfriend and say hi how are you? He will say I am good and ask you the same question that you will answer with ‘boring.’ Then ask him about going to a prom and dance with her. He too will keep the conversation engaging and suddenly you tell to leave her off by accusing of seeing at other girls while dancing. Check this out

Idea 3:

Call up a friend who is at a prom party but don’t let him guess who you are. How would you do that? Well, there lies the trick. Call up and make your voice sound terribly disturb by breaking down into tears in every three seconds. Reason? Call him and when he says ‘Hello’ then you say Hi McKay. He will respond with ‘Yeah’ then say I just broke up with my boyfriend and I need someone to talk to.” If he still don’t recognize you, it will be more fun. Just keep saying “I can’t believe that you don’t know who I am.” It would be great way to spoil that guys prom party, but in a funny way.

Idea 4:

Calling up a hooker and ask her to a prom party. You get the numbers of escort agencies so arranging a number won’t be a problem. Grab a number and call up. The lady will respond and inform about the charges per hour and then tell her that you want to take her to a prom party as a date. There she has to show some antiques so that you can be the prom king that night. Just like this video

Try out these ideas and have fun.

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