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Funny black guy prank calls

Posted on 16 January 2014 by Satyendra Mishra

If you are bored to death and would like to irritate a friend, a stranger, or even a business proprietor, in that case making a prank call might be just the activity you are in search of. Provided that you are conscious that making prank calls might get you in trouble with the police — and even get arrested, in a number of cases — and are ready to take the risk, you can make a prank call that annoys, baffles, or even downright enrages the individual at the other end of the line. Here are some funny black guy prank calls.

Enraged Black Man indiscriminately calls Females

A very angry Black Man is not in an extremely good mood, and chooses to take his fury and wrath out on some arbitrary females. Because of his aggressive and violent behavior, he responds by constantly making really violent threats counting sexual assault threats and death threats) which are greatly-laced with ghetto jargon, ebonics, sexual intimidation, and other swear words.

Irritated Old Lady, Harlem Homeboy and very angry Black Man call a Vulgar Company

An irritated Old Lady returns a telephone call to a company that becomes uncouth and as well mocks her. She puts her son, the Harlem Homeboy and enraged Black Man on the receiver to straighten them out.

Furious Black Man calls Himself

A furious Black Man calls himself, and the actual Irate Black Man offers the same kind of gangster warnings to a soundboard edition of his personal voice.

Emmit’s Uncle

A black guy gets in this woman’s ass in relation to her daughter disrespecting his house and his nephew.

Home Owners Association

A man has a few old vehicles and a boat in his front courtyard and someone calls posing as an associate of the home owners association insisting that he move the cars.

Bad Brakes

You call a man in Houston to inform him that the brake job he did on a woman’s Ford Explorer was awful. Tempers burst. The finest part is eavesdropping on his wife in the background attempting to prevent him from leaving the home.

Buried My Sneakers

Supposing you by mistake buried a loved one in a costly pair of sneakers. Would the funeral home excavate him up for you? Make a call to find out.

Let me speak to Tina

What would you do, if your partner’s ex-boyfriend from 15 years ago at last got out of prison and called your house trying to reawaken the romance of nearly 2 decades back?

Roll Back Odometer

This chap traded in his Ford Mustang hence you call him posing as one of the staff at the automobile dealership to report to him of “problems” with the vehicle.

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