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Funny Italian Guy Prank Calls

Posted on 23 January 2014 by Satyendra Mishra

Making prank calls are good as long as they are not intended to harm anybody. The number of prank callers is on the rise and these people lookout for interesting ideas. Have you ever wondered how funny it would be if an Italian guy makes a call to an English speaking person? Here you will get few such interesting and witty ideas.

Idea 1:

A guy calls a burger store and with Italian accent and wants to talk to somebody who can speak Italian. However, if you plan to do this prank, you should have a grasp over Italian accent to continue the fun without getting caught. It goes like a video that we are attaching below. A guy named Di Angelo calls up a burger store as wants to place an order for a cheese burger. The lady on the other side politely asks for the order and he says, “I would like to order a burg-gras.” Obviously, the lady struggles to understand and then guy says he knows a little English and it would be good if she transfer the call to someone who speaks Italian. The lady does that and transfers the call to a man and then the conversation follows again. Mr. Di Angelo says to that guy that if there is anyone who can speak Spanish. This is not all, he also says that he likes to speak with US people and asks for his Skipe ID so that they can talk. This definitely makes the burger center guy confused.

Idea 2:

Speaking fake Brooklyn Italian. Now here’s a guy who knows how people over there speaks, how they pronounce and how they don’t pronounce. Calling up somebody with that fake accent is a great fun. Check out this idea. The guy calls a meat shop and asks s about the availability of few types of meat. He goes on asking about few names, which the person on the other side does not understand properly. The funny thing is that he keeps on saying about different types in that Italian accent without giving much time to respond, making the meat-shop caller up on his toes. This prank will work if you have good grasp over the Italian accent and you know about the type of meat varieties. Check the video here.

Idea 3:

Speak only Italian to an English speaker. This could be sarcastic and great fun when the person on the other side has no option but to listen you out. Suppose you are calling a service center and go off immediately with something heavy Italian. Obviously, the service representative would have no clue on what you are saying, but he/she cannot hang up the phone as well. Here goes a video that will describe the idea.

Idea 4:

Jewish girl having Italian boyfriend. Suppose you are a Jewish girl and you can make your parents pissed off by saying that you love an Italian guy. The funniest thing would be getting one of your friends who speak Italian and making a prank call to your parents. You can also call up your parents first and inform about this to check their reaction and then fit an Italian speaking guy for the prank call.

These sounds funny? Of course they are. Try out a few and have a blast!

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