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Prank Call Ideas That Will Leave You Laughing Out Loud

Posted on 21 April 2012 by admin

On boring weekends when you have nothing else to do, a good sense of humor can certainly come in handy.  Making prank calls to your friends and other people in the neighborhood is a fun way to spend a good old boring weekend.  All you need is a telephone and phonebook.

Prank call

Here are some great prank call ideas that will set you up for some good laughs.

Go over the phonebook and look for the usual names – Cook, Brown, White, Black, Rich and the likes.  Use their names to make fun of them.  For example you call the Brown residence and ask for Mr. Brown, if the wife picks up simply say “Can I speak with Mr. Brown please?”  If she says he is not available and asks for a message, say “Nothing, I just wanted to ask if he really is brown just like his name says” then hang up.  If Mr. Brown picks up, ask him right away if he really is brown just as his name says.  If he gets mad, say “Please sir do not be mad, I simply want to know if you are brown because if you are white then you should change your name to Mr. White.”  Then hang up.  If you don’t get the confused and angry reaction you get on the first call, call again and do the same lines.

This prank idea can last you the whole day.  The phonebook is flooded with simple and common names that you can use.  If you come across a Mr. Cook in the phonebook, call the residence and start with a formal tone, “Hi, is this Mr. Cook?”, if the other person says yes, ask “Is this Mr. Cook of Woodrow Street?”  Refer to their address so they won’t get suspicious right away. After the person says yes, say “Good! Can you whip up something scrumptious for me, I’m starving!”  Then hang up.

Call the Rich residence and look for Mr. Rich.  When Mr. Rich picks up, confirm and ask “Is this Mr. Rich?” if he says yes, say “If you really are Mr. Rich, can I borrow some money?  I’m behind on my bills” and then hang up.

You can also search for the number of a person whose first name is Robin.  Call and ask “Hi is Robin there?”  When the person says he is not home and asks for a message, say “this is Batman.  The bat mobile broke down and I need his help.  Please have him call me as soon as he gets home.”  Then hang up.

Prank calls are fun but make sure you don’t become offensive.  Keep it light and funny just enough to annoy the person on the other line but never insult or harass them.  Have fun!

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Funny Prank Call Stories [Episode 1]

Posted on 19 April 2012 by admin

For kids, especially teenagers, prank calling is one of their most favorite past time.  They spend a lot of time planning and thinking of outrageous phone pranks that will beat their past record.  I babysit for my neighbors on weekends and through this gig, I get to see and hear kids in action.  Theirs are hilarious and very creative, sometimes I’d wonder why I didn’t think of those back in the day.

My favorite prankster is our neighbor’s son Greg.  Greg usually has his friends sleep over on weekends.  It is on these times that they plan and creative phone pranks to torment the people in our neighborhood.  They are funny but harmless pranks and I get a good laugh all the time.

One time, they called their middle-aged teacher and played a funny prank on her.  “Mrs. Stanley, this is Gus, I just want to make sure your toilet is working fine.  I heard it is defective,” Greg used his grown-up voice while trying to keep a straight face.  Their teacher said her toilet is working fine and that there is nothing wrong with it.  Then Greg said using his normal kid voice, “oh okay.  Then why do you still wet your bed?”  Then he hanged up.  Their teacher must have turned red in embarrassment that night.  Greg heard his teacher talking to his mom and some friends one time.  His teacher confessed that when she gets nervous she pees her bed sometimes.  Greg wasted no time sharing this information with his friends and made it into a great phone prank material.  It was a great number.

The kids seem never to get tired of tormenting other people on the phone.  They love to use personal information from everyone and use it on their pranks.  Another time, they called the church and asked for Father Carl.  One of Greg’s friends told the priest “Father, can I get a change of $.50 from the $1 that I gave during collection during last Sunday’s service?  I really intended to give 50 cents but I don’t have any spare change.  The other 50 cents I was supposed to buy ice cream.”  The priest got mad and told him not to be rude and bothersome.  The boy then said “Sorry Father.  Don’t bother giving me the 50 cents; I’ll just get the change during collection at church service tomorrow.”  The he hang up.  Father Carl was known for being strict when it comes to kids so they just wanted to annoy him a little bit.  During church service the following day, the priest was eyeing the collection basket with hawk eyes while the boys were giggling on the side.

As long as the prank calls don’t cause trouble to the victim, it is fine.  It is a good way to while away the time.

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New Crazy Man Bathroom Prank call

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New Crazy Man Bathroom Prank call

Posted on 26 December 2011 by admin

I called a Wal-Mart and said there was a crazy guy in the bathroom who was shitting everywhere, lol.

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Crazy Escort Prank

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Crazy Escort Prank

Posted on 26 December 2011 by admin

watch this funny prank call regarding an escort!!! Enjoy….

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Bail Bondsman and Black Guy call some Black People

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Bail Bondsman and Black Guy call some Black People

Posted on 07 September 2011 by admin

The Bail Bondsman calls a Black Lady who gets very abusive towards him. He puts the Black Guy on the phone to straighten her out, and another Black Man gets on claiming to be a police officer.

Bail Bondsman and Black Guy call some Black People.


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