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Prank Calling ideas – some top hilarious pranking ideas! [Episode 3]

Posted on 17 April 2012 by admin

My uncle is a regular victim of prank calls from the kids in the neighborhood.  His store is situated near a school and most kids drop by his store after classes.  That made him an easy target for kids to make fun of; after all he was the funny old man who runs the candy store.  He probably get at least one prank call a day.  It did not bother him at first especially because he found the calls funny.  The calls became annoying and insulting eventually when the kids found the old man laughing at their pranks and not seething with anger.  That’s when he decided to get caller id.

Once he gets the calls, he’d allow them to finish and wait for the callers to hang up.  Then he calls them back and says the exact things the caller said to him and hangs up.  He would keep on calling until they don’t answer anymore.  One time, a boy called looking for a Kevin.  He said there was no Kevin there and that he had the wrong number.  The boy keeps calling and keeps on asking for Kevin.  He can hear other boys on the background laughing.  Then another one called say his name was Kevin and asked if my uncle has taken any messages for him.  My uncle just laughed and hanged up.  He got the caller id and it is registered to a couple that goes to the same church, their son Kevin always in tow.  He decided to call the kids back and looked for Kevin.  When Kevin answered, he said “Hi Kevin, this is Mr. Smith from the candy store.  I have a new message for you.  Your mother dropped by the store and asked me to tell you that you are grounded for 4 weeks with no allowance, no internet and no TV.  Tell your friends to go home and clean your room.  Oh and no more phone privileges.  Enjoy kid!”  The kid’s mom didn’t really drop by but it must have scared the kid and his friends because his daily prank calls dropped from an average of 6 to 7 calls a day to just around 3 calls daily.

Another time, a kid called him and just sang “welcome to the candy shop” over and over again.  My uncle hanged up after a few minutes.  He called back the number and when the same kid answered, he sang “welcome to the candy shop” over and over, out of tune.  He kept on singing until the kid hanged up.

Giving these pranksters a dose of their own medicine is a great way of handling.  Plus making prank calls are just hilarious.  This seems to be the perfect situation for the saying “if you can’t beat them, join them.”

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Prank Calling ideas – some top hilarious pranking ideas! [Episode 2]

Posted on 13 April 2012 by admin

Funny prank call ideas

In order to ensure that you would be able to get the required amount of fun and frolic in your daily life, you must do something that can not only spice up the time, but would also ensure that it is extremely fun. Countless experiences can dictate that you would be able to get a lot of fun from undergoing a lot of funny prank calls. This is one of the best ways in order to ensure that you would be able to extract a lot of fun, and you would be laughing your pants off. There are a lot of funny prank call ideas which would be your basis in order to ensure that a lot of fun can be had with the help of just a telephone. Whenever you go for any funny prank call, always ensure that you to it in a good sense of humor, and that it is not at all hurting to any person. It should not hurt the sentiments of the people whom you’re calling, and neither should it be this racially inclined.

Prank call idea# 1
One such idea to actually go for a funny prank call is to ensure that you call of a particular person each and every time, but with different accents. In each and every action, you would be able to get the required amount of fun, and it would certainly be a very good experience on your part. You should not hurt us that person, but instead ensure that you would be calling him up just so you can have fun with him. Do not disturb that person in ungodly hours, but ensure that you do it with a good sense of humor.

Prank call idea# 2
Another idea for a funny prank will is to ensure that you go to a pickup restaurant. When you actually go to that restaurant, try and speak in a funny accent, which would not at all be able to be comprehended by the people working. When they cannot understand, and would research that you speak in a very good tone, then you can try calling them up from your mobile phone. In this way, you would be able to extract the necessary amount of fun, and you can make up stories about how you were influenced about a particular person that may have been the founder of that restaurant. This would go a long way into ensuring that you would be able to get the necessary amount of pleasure, but ensure that it does not trouble the restaurant people. If you manage to go for a very good restaurant, ensure that you pick up the food, and thank them for the amount of time that they indulged you.

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Prank Calling ideas – some top hilarious pranking ideas! [Episode 1]

Posted on 12 April 2012 by admin

Prank calling is hilarious and must be done in style. Remember it is very important to rehearse your lines as many times as possible before you make the actual call. Here are some Prank calling ideas that could be very hilarious:

Call up a local Chinese restaurant and order a huge meal, muddle-up your accent so that they don’t seem to understand what you are saying, when they tell you they don’t understand what you are saying, just tell them they are a bunch of racist and mess about with them for a while, Give them your address and when the food is eventually delivered m tell them outrightly you didn’t order anything.

Prank call idea# 1
Call someone and when he or she picked the call, simply say “how may I help you’. Act as if the other person is the one that called.

Prank call idea# 2
Call an electronic retail shop owner that you just bought a stereo system from his shop and when you opened the box, the stereo was completed smashed in pieces. Make a threat that you are going to take legal actions against the owner if he doesn’t replace the stereo for you- the manager will freak out at that point. These Prank calling ideas should be used only if you have the courage to make such threats.

Prank call idea# 3
Make a phone call to a friend and inform him that you are a secret Police agent , tell him you have been ordered to serve him a notice of an impending lawsuit against him { his last name should be used while using these prank calling ideas}, and tell him that a copyright infringement accusation has been made against him because he has been downloading some contents illegally on the internet ,  announce to him that the illegal downloading has been traced to his computer over a remote server and he should be ready to face copyright laws in the next 24 hours- if possible , give  tell him his address and the time he will be picked up by the Police.

Prank call idea# 4
Call your victim and announce to him that the sum of $1 million has been deposited illegally into his account and authorities have been suspicious of the illegal transactions and as a result he will be questioned by the Police within the next 24 hours- He will definitely freak out or try to call his bank.

Prank call idea# 5
Prank calling ideas about financial dealings must be used cautiously because the person may report your phone number to the Police. One of the oldest Prank calling ideas is calling someone and asking for an individual by name.

Prank call idea# 6
Call you victim and ask for a person named “Charlie” Since the individual may not likely know who you are asking of, he will tell you “you are calling the wrong person” Call the same person over and over again several times  while changing the tone of your voice . At the end of a week of calling, call him finally and tell him your name is Charles and drop.


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