Funny Desi Guy Prank Calls

Posted on 25 January 2014 by Satyendra Mishra

Making prank calls is funny and if you are searching for some good ideas then you are at the right place. You can apply any of these desi guy prank call idea on your friend or anyone, but make sure you don’t cause harm to that person. Just have fun!

Idea 1:

How about calling a cab driver and tell him that his ordered food is ready to be picked up? This can be hilarious and you can me the person on the other side really mad on you. Just take a look at this example where a desi Punjabi guy is calling to a cabbie named Mustaq in New York. The conversation starts off like “Hello! I am calling from Kabab Kings restaurant and your order for 6 Paya is ready.” No wonder, Mustaq goes mad. Check this video

Idea 2:

A guy calling a girl from a tuition center. If you to have great fun while speaking with a girl who is in high school, then this idea can be hilarious. Make sure you have a terrible accent that itself is funny while calling the girl. The best thing would be asking that girl about providing English tuition and wait for her response. Either she will go mad or if has a sense of humor she will continue. Check out the following link

Idea 3:

Calling a man and informing about a lottery win, but with a bizarre condition. Try to intonate your voice like a lady (as much possible) and call up the number. When the guy picks up your phone, go ahead saying “hello” in different ways pretending there is a problem in the connection. Finally, say that “you have $50,000 as your are selected as the lucky winner.” Then tell him that to get the money he should give you a kiss over the phone. That would be too funny just like the following

Idea 4:

Calling up and informing about probable natural calamity. Make a prank call and tell that you are calling from a government office to inform that a major calamity is expected to strike soon. You want to know whether the person you have called has enough lights, candles and food to meet the crisis. When the guy starts to believe you ask him if you can come to his house and stay for a night as your house is too weak and will blow up by the disaster. Check the following link, its too funny

Idea 5:

Making prank call to the mother of a girl as the boyfriend. Dial the number of a lady who is mother of a young girl. When she picks up the phone, greet her formally and when she asks who you are, tell her that you are her daughter’s boyfriend. Enjoy the conversation further.

Try to make these calls funny and stretch as much as possible to increase the fun factor. Do let us know if you have any other interesting ideas.