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Funny McDonald’s prank calls

Posted on 13 January 2014 by Satyendra Mishra

Messing around with McDonald’s workers might be entertaining for you; however, depending on what sort of day the worker has been having, you run the threat of winding up with foreign objects in your food!

Here is a simple one to accomplish:

You state,” Can I have a jumbo pizza with the works”. Once they respond puzzled, you after that say,” well what sort of a restaurant are you; simply get a dog gone steam roller and squash the burger out. After that, just get cheese and tomato juice. Next go select some leaves off a few plants for your wallah pizza and veggies. Good lord. Easy as that. Annoy customer service.” afterward add, “by chance do you prepare burritos?”

A different one you can carry out:

Act as if you work for Music Madness and make believe that McDonald’s had purchased 100 Benedict Eppelsheim Sopranissimo Saxophones and that they had not compensated a dime yet. Inform them that the Saxes are in the store and are set to be collected once the cash comes. When they say they would not need saxophones, you say that it’s not what it says here. You then tell them to call corporate office which could be a nearby Burger King address you give them. Remember, don’t rush too quickly. The first prank speaker could give it to another pranker who acts as if he’s manager.

Call McDonald’s and hence when they respond and state hello this is McDonald’s you respond in an extremely hushed voice hence they must push their ear to the handset. Each time you speak talk VERY silently. After that when you state “thank you goodbye” YELL IT AS DEAFENING AS YOU CAN!! They will still have their ear pushed to the handset and will get hard of hearing.

Human Thumb Prank:

An additional prank call would involve you saying you discovered a human thumb or something bizarre and disgusting in your food. Insist you get an additional free burger. Go on demanding and drive them mad.

You could also tell them that their mcburger made you heavy with child and you cannot prevent giving birth to tiny burgers. Ensure you creep them out.

One other one:

This is a classic. Calling a restaurant and messing with the person who picks up the call for an order is definitely priceless. Most of us have tried this, and succeeded. Here, the prankster calls McDonald’s and yells in a Chinese voice,” CHINESE DELIVERY”.

So, what did you guys think about these pranks? Don’t they sound like fun? Are you ready to try them on someone? Whenever you do make a prank call, just be careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings or go too far. Remember, these calls may be fun for you, but they can be disturbing for the receiver.

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