Prank call ideas – You will love these ideas

Posted on 08 January 2014 by Satyendra Mishra

People love the thought of making prank calls! There is simply something very devilish regarding making prank calls to others and upsetting them at night which pleases ideal people in search of something thrilling and deceitful to do! Hence now if you are holding a sleepover at your place and would like to make a few prank calls, here are a few ideas which you can make use of.


Prank Call Idea #1

Call and once that person picks up the telephone, get a girl to say, ‘hey.. I have bad news.. I am expectant.’ Frights the hell out of any listener! Uncomplicated, yet useful


Prank Call Idea #2

This is an old one.

You call the individual and request for a person named Joey. Because there actually is no Joey, the apparent response would be, ‘You have got the wrong number’! Call the individual numerous times throughout the day or week and cover up your voice in diverse intonations and request for Joey. After some days, call your prey and say, ‘This is Joey. Have you received some messages for me?’ I am certain the individual at the other end would most likely want to choke you with the receiver wire.


Idea #3

Call a house and once the person’s spouse picks up, speak seductively, ‘Hi… This is Tanya.. Last night was fantastic, you naughty boy… You want to go at it once more?’


Prank Call Idea #4

You call your prey and play to be an engineer from the telephone service. State that the telephone lines have been having an issue and you want to test the voice excellence. Choose some stupid expressions and make your prey say again the same for voice checking!


Prank Call Idea #5

Call a local Chinese restaurant and demand for some American junk food and why they ought to include it in the list of options! Throw an outburst!

Prank Call Idea #6

This one is actually a good one. Call some arbitrary number and once somebody responds, inquire from them ‘where do children come from?’


Prank Call Idea #7

Call one of your pals and act as if to be the lady he likes. After that tell him to stop by and that nobody is home. Provide him an address where you make out nobody resides and the doors at all times bolted. And after that stick a message ‘I told you nobody is home!’

Prank Call Idea #8

Call during summer and begin singing Christmas carols.