Prank Calling Business Establishments

Posted on 26 April 2012 by admin

We’ve all gone through a stage where playing pranks on your friends seemed to be the highlight of your day.  Prank calling is usually on top of the prank list.  Rightly so, prank calls are hilarious but annoying for the other party.  But prank call ideas have become predictable and are not too much fun when the other party doesn’t get as annoyed as they used to.  Keep your prank call tactics fresh and new with these ideas.

Call your local restaurant and ask “do you have chicken fingers?”  If the person says yes, say “So how do you pick your nose?”  Then hang up.  Call back in a few minutes using a different voice and ask “do you have chicken fingers?”  When the person says yes, ask “what do you have on your feet, fish toes?”  You can keep on calling that restaurant over and over until you are satisfied.

Try your local convenience store or small grocery and ask “do you have dr. pepper in can?”  If they say yes answer with “you better let him out, he is needed in the emergency room.”  You can use this prank to all small groceries and stores around town.  You can also use other brands that have a name of a person on it and be creative on the punch lines.

When you get those annoying telemarketing calls, entertain the call and let them know that you are interested in what you are offering and then say that you are fewer than 18.  Wait until they are completely done with their offer.  Offer to put one of your parents on the phone and then tell the agent “can I put you on hold while I get my dad?”  Then start singing your heat out until they hang up.  Choose an annoying song and use the most out of tune voice you can muster.  If you have caller id, make sure you get the agent’s name so when they hang up, call them back.  Once you get the person on the phone, continue your song.  If they hang up, keep calling them back until you are done with the whole song.  That should take you off their calling list and just maybe on their most annoying prospect list.

A word of caution though, when you are calling business establishments, be careful because most of them have caller id.  Prank calling in the US and most countries are illegal and you might get in trouble if you are identified.  Use a public phone or a private number just to be sure.  It is not worth getting in trouble with the law.  Prank calling is so much fun when it is meant for simple enjoyment.