My prank call experiences! [Episode 1]

Posted on 13 April 2012 by admin

My prank call experiences

The need to do a prank call is inherent in each and every one. A prank call does not mean disturbing anyone, but it does bring the necessary amount of humor into a person’s life. Here, I would share an experience which you in which I would be able to get the required amount of pleasure from a particular prank call. This prank call was actually done to a pizza guy, so you can guess that the entire conversation was centered on pizza. In this entire conversation, I actually had tried to bring out the necessary amount of humor, without having to actually go for any sort of inclination towards hurting the sentiments of the person.
The call was given to a pizza guy in the morning, and the subject was actually about getting a particular topping upon the pizza. I had actually wanted toppings for over 40 kinds, and most of them consisted of cheese, mushrooms, cottage cheese, cabbage, cauliflower, and a lot more. The guy over the phone was actually as much helpful as they could, but in between, the accent which I was speaking in was incomprehensible even to me. Hence, that person could not understand the delivery order, and kept on insisting that I would have to speak in a normal voice in order to get the delivery over with. In this manner, I had a lot of fun with that person, and I kept on trying to convince the person that this was by normal tone of voice. He tried accommodating me as much as he could, and then give up on me and tried to transfer the call to some of the person. That other person was the manager of that pizza delivery system, and he was also trying his level best in order to understand my order. They went even as far as to tell that I was fooling with them, but I made them understand that this was my normal tone of voice, and that I was nowhere near to fooling with them. In this manner, you would find that the entire conversation was surrounding the pizza, but it did take a lot of conversation in order to ensure that they could understand what I was saying.
The entire time, even though the mobile bill kept on increasing, and that person on the other end of the line was getting frustrated even more and more, the patience of the person was really good. I would have to admire the way in which they tackled the entire situation and even though the entire conversation was in comprehensible even to me, but I must admire the way in which they understood most of my orders. I had a very good time with this prank call, and intend on doing so on a regular basis.