Funny Prank Call Stories [Episode 1]

Posted on 19 April 2012 by admin

For kids, especially teenagers, prank calling is one of their most favorite past time.  They spend a lot of time planning and thinking of outrageous phone pranks that will beat their past record.  I babysit for my neighbors on weekends and through this gig, I get to see and hear kids in action.  Theirs are hilarious and very creative, sometimes I’d wonder why I didn’t think of those back in the day.

My favorite prankster is our neighbor’s son Greg.  Greg usually has his friends sleep over on weekends.  It is on these times that they plan and creative phone pranks to torment the people in our neighborhood.  They are funny but harmless pranks and I get a good laugh all the time.

One time, they called their middle-aged teacher and played a funny prank on her.  “Mrs. Stanley, this is Gus, I just want to make sure your toilet is working fine.  I heard it is defective,” Greg used his grown-up voice while trying to keep a straight face.  Their teacher said her toilet is working fine and that there is nothing wrong with it.  Then Greg said using his normal kid voice, “oh okay.  Then why do you still wet your bed?”  Then he hanged up.  Their teacher must have turned red in embarrassment that night.  Greg heard his teacher talking to his mom and some friends one time.  His teacher confessed that when she gets nervous she pees her bed sometimes.  Greg wasted no time sharing this information with his friends and made it into a great phone prank material.  It was a great number.

The kids seem never to get tired of tormenting other people on the phone.  They love to use personal information from everyone and use it on their pranks.  Another time, they called the church and asked for Father Carl.  One of Greg’s friends told the priest “Father, can I get a change of $.50 from the $1 that I gave during collection during last Sunday’s service?  I really intended to give 50 cents but I don’t have any spare change.  The other 50 cents I was supposed to buy ice cream.”  The priest got mad and told him not to be rude and bothersome.  The boy then said “Sorry Father.  Don’t bother giving me the 50 cents; I’ll just get the change during collection at church service tomorrow.”  The he hang up.  Father Carl was known for being strict when it comes to kids so they just wanted to annoy him a little bit.  During church service the following day, the priest was eyeing the collection basket with hawk eyes while the boys were giggling on the side.

As long as the prank calls don’t cause trouble to the victim, it is fine.  It is a good way to while away the time.